Keep the process moving.

Leverage technology to speed up the application, approval, and delivery process with your customers. eSignatures is the safer, faster, and more efficient way to receive remote approval.


Benefits of eSignature Technology

• Receive Signatures Remotely
• UETA Compliant
• eSign Compliant
• eVault Certified
• Fully Custom Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eDocument?

Any digital form of paper

What is an eSignature?

An electronic form of signature which can be typewritten, drawn with a finger, stylus or computer mouse. May also include a digital checkbox or keyword response.

What is eVaulting?

Electronic storage of electronic chattel that is encrypted and tamper-proof. Think of a bank vault for money. eVaulting is the equivalent for electronic paper.

If our customer’s cell number has never opted into receiving electronic documents, how can we acquire eSign consent from that cell number?

During the eSignature process, the end user will see and agree to the eSign consent form prior to opening, viewing, or interacting with the electronic document. If your customer does not agree to the eSign consent form, they will not be able to access the electronic documents sent from your company.

Is an API available for eSignatures integration?

Yes, see documentation here

Is eSignature compliant with Federal & State Laws? 

eSignature is UETA and eSIGN Compliant.

My bank asked me to use an outside source as a “vault” to store their watermarked copy. Do you offer these services? 

Yes we do. It is called eVaulting and we can not only eVault new electronic documents, but can also eVault legacy documents as well.

Do you provide a way for us to acquire pictures of identity verification like a Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Bank Statement, or a Paycheck stubs? 

Yes, we have built a feature that will allow your customers to upload pictures.

What are some other methods of verifying the identity of someone signing electronic documents? 

We can build certain identity verification features into the eSignature service, such as requiring manual entry of a Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, or Account Numbers, etc.

Do you have the capability of sending eSignatures through text messaging and email

Yes, we offer both methods

I want to use Crypton Mobile’s eSignature service on our company website so that site visitors can complete electronic documents without having to receive text messages or emails. Is this possible? 

Yes, we can create a web widget or short cut so one can access our eSignature platform, customized to meet your company’s requirements.

How soon after all parties sign electronic documents will the fully executed version be available for download? 

Generally within 60 seconds, depending on length of document, wi-fi connection, download speed and other factors.

When eVaulting is required, does Crypton Mobile partner with banks, if necessary?

Yes, we often partner with banks for eVaulting. Banks have very strict requirements for software companies before they can become their certified eVault provider. We are happy to speak with your bank to determine their requirements. Some banks are more expeditious than others; therefore, if we are waiting on the bank’s blessing before you can proceed with using eSignature, we should act accordingly and get the process started.

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What People are Saying

“Crypton Mobile’s eSignature/eVaulting & Text solution has been a game changer for B&F Finance. The ease of use and integration with our current software has made the process seamless. Crypton Mobile has been providing B&F Finance with texting solutions for years and recently started with Crypton for eSignature/eVaulting. Every product we use has surpassed our expectations. David and his team have always been one call away. I highly recommend Crypton, their products and the folks behind it.”

John DraudeVictory, Management Services // Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

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