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Crypton redefines customer communication by offering state-of-the-art tools that leverage text messages, electronic documents, electronic vaulting, and e-signatures. Our platform guarantees secure, efficient interactions, prioritizing the protection of your data and privacy. Embrace the future of connectivity and safeguard your digital world with us.

Popular Features

Remote Signing

In-Person Signing

UETA Compliant

eSign Compliant

eVault Certified

 Custom Integrations

Accept Payments In Cryptocurrency

Invest In Cryptocurrency

Loan Money In Cryptocurrency

Unique Watermarking


Thorough Onboarding

Secure eVault


Granular Access Control

Powerful API

Audit Trail

License Verification

Passport Facial Comparison

Multi-Layered Identity Verification

Machine Learning

Reduces Fraud

Blockchain Technology

Immutable Digital Ledger

Fully Encrypted

Safety and Integrity of Assets

Cutting Edge Digital Asset Storage

Account Alerts

Payment Reminders


Holiday / Birthday Greetings

Audio / Video Clips

Delivery Notifications

GPS Tracking

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

99% Accuracy

13,352 Learned "STOP" Equivalents

2.5M Reviews

Reduce TCPA Exposure

Keep Current SMS Vendor

Patent Pending

English + Spanish Support

Promotes Sharing & Networking

Customizable & Dynamic Codes

Insights Into Clientele

Short & Long Codes

Dedicated Phone Number

Store Messages For Later

Customized Campaigns

Trackable Short Links

Seamlessly Customizable

Gain User Insights


Verify Income & Proof of Residency

Upload Driver’s License

Great For Applications

eCollect Utility Bills, Bank Statements, Pay Stubs