Store Documents Securely

What Is CryptoVault?

CryptoVault is the premier eVaulting solution for realtors, investors, financial institutions, the automotive industry, and more.
Our CryptoVault product exceeds all industry and regulatory compliance standards and allows you to securely store your clients’ electronic documents in our cloud-based vault.
We live in an increasingly paperless world and, as a result, eVaulting is a must-have for businesses looking to expand their operations online. CryptoVault allows for a trusted, seamless, and secure way to store documents swiftly, efficiently, all at minimal cost.

If you already have an eSignature solution that you’re satisfied with, you can still use CryptoVault as a stand-alone solution to store your documents.


UETA Compliant
eSign Compliant
Fully Custom Integrations
Unique Watermarking
Thorough Onboarding Process
Secure eVault
Tamper-Sealing Encryption and End-to-End Audit Trails
Granular Access Control
Paper-In Import & Paper-Out Export
Powerful API
Systematic Notifications


We’re so glad we made the switch from another, more expensive service provider. Our employees LOVE esignature’s simplicity and our customers LOVE the speed and how easy it is! We also really appreciate how responsive and helpful the support has been when issues have come up. Altogether a GREAT product!

CashCo Financial Services

Portland, Oregon

Crypton Mobile’s eSignature/eVaulting & Text solution has been a game changer for B&F Finance. The ease of use and integration with our current software has made the process seamless.  Every product we use has surpassed our expectations. David and his team have always been one call away.

Victory Management Services

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

Fast, Simple, Safe.
No Upfront Cost.
No Contract.