Store Documents Securely

Benefits of Secure e-Vaulting

Rest easy, knowing that your customers’ documents are stored securely in the cloud. We work closely with you to develop the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Looking for a new esignature solution, but want to keep your vault, secure file storage provider? No worries. CryptoSign can be a stand-alone solution. There is no requirement to use CryptoVault in conjunction with CryptoSign.

UETA Compliant
eSign Compliant
Unique Watermarking
Thorough Onboarding Process
Fully Custom Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any customizations that we would ask for to enhance our current electronic documents and SMS services?

That is a common question and the answer is YES. Not all companies want the same thing and our DEV team is happy to oblige. We specialize in customizations. 

What methods are available for processing text messages, eSignatures & eVaulting?

We can work with any company’s existing software platform via integration using API, SFTP & Web App. 

Is it necessary that the Crypton Mobile platform be integrated with our existing software in order to utilize SMS & eSignature?

No. Some companies elect to use our services outside of their current software. 

Does your company have a legal department to help us with compliance issues that may arise?

Yes we do. Our goal is to help all of our clients remain compliant in relation to SMS, eSignatures and eVaulting. We encourage you to lean on us for questions, and we are happy to provide direction.

Do we have to prepay for electronic documents or SMS like our current provider requires?

NO! It is common for some of our competitors to ask for upfront usage payments based on hypothetical projections. We understand you may have no idea what your volume will be for any of our services for the upcoming months, much less years. We offer the “Pay As You Go” method. You only pay for what you use.  You will be emailed an invoice on the 1st of every month for prior month’s usage. 

Do you charge monthly fees in addition to SMS & eSignature volume usage?

Sometimes Yes. Sometimes No.

Do you have long contracts to sign?

Never too long. Sometimes we provide month to month service plans but may ask annual or multi-year service agreements depending on the scope of your project.

Do you use independent contractors on your DEV team?

No, all of our employees in the U.S. & The Philippines are full time employees.

Do you provide Billing/Invoicing for your services?

Yes, we provide detailed billing that will be included on your invoice monthly.

How long has your company been in existence?

12 years, although we formed officially in 2010.

Do you provide Data Insight & Analytics for eSignature, SMS & shortlinks? To learn more about our shortlink service please visit For pricing Contact Us.

Yes, these reports can be provided as an attachment to the monthly invoice. Clients will have 24/7 real time access to reporting via the API & Web App.

Does Crypton Mobile offered Tiered Pricing for SMS or eSignature based on usage volume?

No, we typically do not offered tiered pricing because most clients will require in depth and ongoing customizations as well as compliance assistance. We are a full service custom software development company that specializes in eSignature, Messaging, & eVaulting. We also have other companies whose focus is AI & Shortlinks. 

What is e-Vaulting?

Electronic storage of electronic chattel that is encrypted and tamper-proof. Think of a bank vault for money. eVaulting is the equivalent for electronic paper.



We’re so glad we made the switch from another, more expensive service provider. Our employees LOVE esignature’s simplicity and our customers LOVE the speed and how easy it is! We also really appreciate how responsive and helpful the support has been when issues have come up. Altogether a GREAT product!

CashCo Financial Services

Portland, Oregon

Crypton Mobile’s eSignature/eVaulting & Text solution has been a game changer for B&F Finance. The ease of use and integration with our current software has made the process seamless.  Every product we use has surpassed our expectations. David and his team have always been one call away.

Victory Management Services

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

Fast, Simple, Safe.
No Upfront Cost.
No Contract.