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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly are text messages delivered to cell phone numbers after sending?

As long as the cell number(s) has opted into your campaign, text messages will be delivered in seconds.

Is Verbal Consent good enough to send text messages to customers?

Most likely not. Although verbal consent is sufficient in some instances, most often you need written consent prior to sending text messages to your customers. We can provide current & up to date Prior Express Written Consent language and forms as guidance.

What are some different ways written consent can be obtained?

Face to face, In store signage, using keywords such as “Text OPTIN to 59358”, Radio, T.V., Website, Email, etc.

I currently use an smtp/email texting service but have noticed it’s not very reliable. How is your service different?

We use Short Codes and Long Codes for text message delivery. Using these two methods is much more reliable than smtp/email texting but is not free like the latter. You get what you pay for. Free service will deliver not so promising ROI and will likely land one in a non-compliance situation because text messages were duplicated or delivered outside the appropriate and acceptable time frames established by the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

Can I embed links in your sms messages and monitor the reply’s?

Yes, we have a service that provides shortlinks specifically for that purpose. Not only can links be embedded in text messages, they can be shortened and branded.

We currently purchase email lists that we can market our products to. Are cell phone number opt-in lists available to be used for the same purpose?


How many characters does the standard text message include?

One may send a text message up to 1,000 characters but the standard text message count is 160 characters. One text message equals 160 characters.

Is it ok to send business text messages from my personal cell phone to customers?

No. Most that do this have not acquired prior express written consent from their customers and are opening themselves up for lawsuit. Imagine a disgruntled employee that is no longer with the company who has all customer information on their personal cell phone and the employee resigns or gets fired. You have no control over what an employee (former employee) may say on text messages being sent to customers if the former employee has their customer information accessible on their personal cell phone. You will also have no control over when (time of day or night) a disgruntled employee might send unsolicited texts to customers.

If a cell number opts-out from receiving text messages any longer, does Crypton Mobile opt those cell numbers out automatically?

Yes, we opt out automatically.

If a cell number has opted out in the past but wants to opt back in to receive text messages and eSignatures via text message, can they opt back in?

Yes, the cell number needs to text the word RESUME to the short code number they initially received text messages from. This will opt the cell number back in immediately.

If a cell number tries opting out but does not use one of the agreed upon keywords to disengage from our text message campaign; but uses other words or phrases that explicitly imply they want to be opted out, is there a way to opt those cell numbers out automatically?

Yes, we offer a service that uses Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) which uses context inference to determine someone’s intent. This service costs extra, but is worth implementing into your text message campaign to achieve the utmost compliance. To learn more visit For pricing info, please contact us.

Is it possible to use Crypton’s Artificial Intelligence to help convert sales leads?

Yes, we currently do that now for clients and can customize to detect words, phrases and context to help interpret text message replies and convert those into leads. The AI can send an SMS or email directly to employees or management notifying them of a potential customer’s interest in purchasing your products or services. To learn more visit For pricing info, please contact us.

What is a Short Code?

A 5 or 6 digit number that text messages are sent from.

What is a Long Code?

A 10 digit number that text messages are sent from.




Yes, see documentation here

What is RCS (Rich Communication Services)?

RCS is a modern take on text messaging that is currently not available on all handsets or all cell phone carriers. RCS takes features that are currently available on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage and rolls them into one platform. RCS is a Chat interactive platform that allows the exchange of group chats, video, audio and high-resolution images. It facilitates read receipts and real-time viewing when someone is replying to your message.

What is MMS (Multi-Media Services)?

MMS are pictures, video and audio.