Automotive Solutions

Chances are likely that your car dealership has moved into the era of electronic document management for sales agreements, auto leases and new car financing. We invite you to look at our suite of proprietary software products that allow you to spend more time selling, and less time hassling with documents. You’ll find that our solutions include important benefits such as no long-term contracts, low entry point pricing, excellent customer service, and true customer support. When our customers have questions, want additional training, or need help with a technical issue, we are just a phone call or email away.

We have built in the resources you need to sign, send, and securely store documents from easy-to-use templates, to audit trails, and team management features.

Our suite of services includes these solutions which can be used individually – a la carte – or in combination depending on your needs:

CryptoSign – for simple, secure eSignatures

CryptoText – for efficient and secure communications with your customers

CryptoVault – for secure cloud-base document storage

CryptoAi – for lead generation and to help keep customer communications legal, and compliant

CryptoKeywords – for SMS short code resources that help you market your business through mobile devices

eSign Services.

Crypton Mobile is perfect for lenders and borrowers!


We’re so glad we made the switch from another, more expensive service provider. Our employees LOVE esignature’s simplicity and our customers LOVE the speed and how easy it is! We also really appreciate how responsive and helpful the support has been when issues have come up. Altogether a GREAT product!

CashCo Financial Services

Portland, Oregon

Crypton Mobile’s eSignature/eVaulting & Text solution has been a game changer for B&F Finance. The ease of use and integration with our current software has made the process seamless.  Every product we use has surpassed our expectations. David and his team have always been one call away.

Victory Management Services

Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

Fast! Simple! Safe!